Digestive and Fertility Issues

positive-pregnancy-test“Rakhee posted on Facebook for a case study, ‘must have digestive and fertility issues and available for 4 weeks’. I replied straight away!

I have digestive issues and had just been diagnosed with Secondary Infertility.

Upon my first meeting I found Rakhee to be very professional and friendly and put me at ease straight away. I was super bloated and she massaged me gently and released tension.

I felt less bloated upon leaving. I had always assumed my bloating was connected with food but actually she diagnosed a connection with my cycle.

She was so right, I don’t understand how I never made the connection myself.

She told me to start tracking my temperature so we could see if my body temperature changed when ovulating. On week 3, and after having sex twice that week around my ovulation days, I noticed a significant dip in my temperature on one day.

Rakhee implied this could be a sign of implantation. With this news I excitedly took a test the following morning but it was negative, however, today I took a test (4 days later) and she was right! I’m pregnant, very early, but definitely pregnant!

Thank you Rakhee for your knowledge and calmness.”

I cannot say enough about how great Rakhee is

“I met Rakhee through a social media site where she was looking to help people going through fertility issues. I approached Rakhee to see what she was offering and she explained what was on offer – a course of four fertility massages to help with my conception issues.

I cannot say enough about how great Rakhee is and what a blessing and true resource she has been.

I have been dealing with infertility for a few years now being told I have diminished ovarian reserve – this means I have very few eggs left before I am about to possibly embark on to menopause. I am aged 41 and have also been diagnosed with fibroid tumours knowing they need to come out but have not had them removed yet.

This has made me feel powerless in my battle to be healthy and fertile too.

I am quite receptive to alternative treatments having had acupuncture before. I didn’t know anything about fertility massage or what it entailed but Rakhee put me at ease explaining what was going to be happening.

The womb massage she carried out was very relaxing and comforting too but I loved that it was not invasive. Having been through a few rounds of IVF, I was glad to not be prodded around during the massage but be handled in a loving and caring manner.

When I met Rakhee at the first appointment around mid February, her approach and attitude was so warm and welcoming and through the wonders of the abdominal fertility massage, she managed to help me release some emotions that I was holding on to and needed to let go.

There was one session I remember clearly where upon my sacral area being worked on, there were massive gurgles coming from my stomach (almost sounding like hunger pangs). Rakhee assured me this was a good sign and that I was letting go of emotions.

After that session I felt particularly lighter and more energised and felt I was able to move forward and tackle the issue I was holding back on. I feel like I have a spring back in my step now and would highly recommend Rakhee to become a major part of your fertility journey through what can be a very isolating experience.

When I first went to see Rakhee, my last period was mid January and I am usually regular but had not had one since then. I am happy to say, my period has now arrived since completing the course of massages and I can start on my journey to conception again.

Rakhee really knows how to calm you and reassure you and guide your body to be at its best.

Thank you Rakhee, I really feel blessed that our paths have crossed.”

KB, April 2014

I was really stressing about not being able to conceive

“I have known Rakhee for many years now through our respective family members.

When Rakhee first told us she was pregnant with twins herself, we were really excited for her.

We were absolutely shocked though that they had to go through IVF and were so open about that fact. Little did I know that in turn I too would have conception issues and turned to Rakhee for help and advice.

I found Rakhee to be extremely approachable and she answered all my questions I had about the fertility issues we were going through. I knew Rakhee did reflexology but not for fertility.

I was really stressing about not being able to conceive that I thought I would just have some reflexology to help me with well being and regulate my periods (I’d heard reflexology is very good for this).

Not only did Rakhee regulate my cycles but she also helped disperse the fatigue I was feeling everyday and helped me to get to sleep better too. She truly has magic in those hands of hers!

I had to stop the reflexology for a month unfortunately due to family events and work commitments and also because we had a lovely two week holiday booked too. Well that holiday really did us good because I came back from it pregnant.

I am now the mother to a lovely 2 year old daughter born in June 2011. I will definitely come back to see Rakhee next year when we start trying for a sibling for our daughter.”

Rakhee tailored the programme to us

“My partner and I already have a daughter through IVF.

We have always wanted a sibling for her but knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to achieve.

This was our third attempt at IVF.

I had seen Rakhee post about reflexology and how it might help on a Facebook group and I contacted her immediately. We had an initial chat after which I had booked an appointment. I was really impressed with Rakhee at the first appointment.

She was very thorough in her asking of questions and then her explanation of what the treatment would involve and how long it would take. As I was already going through the IVF, Rakhee tailored the program to work around that.

I was having to inject myself with injections and bruising really badly. Rakhee sells Aloe Vera products and offered me something from her range that helped tremendously.

I loved the fact that Rakhee would follow up within two days of every appointment to find out how I was post treatment and whether there were any issues. The most impressive moment was when I was told that the lining of my uterus felt ready and I would be called in for egg collection soon. Two days later I was due an appointment and that is exactly what the consultant had said.

It was the two week wait that was the hardest. Rakhee suggested having a relaxing Indian head massage instead of the reflexology and I am so glad I went with her suggestion.

I found Rakhee to be extremely empathetic and full of information throughout the whole time I had treatment with her. She kept me calm and focused and would never rush the appointments.

I am very pleased to announce that our IVF treatment worked and I can honestly say this was partially due to having reflexology with Rakhee.

Our little one is due in February 2014.”

We’d had three rounds of IVF

“I’m 41 and my partner and I had been trying for a baby for some time now. We’d had three rounds of IVF and this was going to be our final attempt at it because of the financial implications.

I had heard Rakhee speak about how reflexology can be beneficial for those trying for a baby on a Fertility Telesummit back in February 2013. Rakhee had kindly offered all listeners a free 30 min fertility reflexology session for all those who had upgraded their package.

I took Rakhee up on this and I got more than my 30 minutes worth of time from her. Infact, the conversation just flowed that it ended up being nearly 90 mins. There was never a time when it felt like the clock was being watched and I was being made to hurry up.

Rakhee understood completely what I was going through and it helped me greatly to be treated by someone who had under gone her own fertility issues too. The reflexology session was just really relaxing and I really enjoyed it. Once the session was over, I immediately booked more sessions because I wanted to give this the best chance I could. I saw Rakhee on a regular basis over the next 2 months whilst I continued to have my IVF treatment.

This was utter relief to me because I always left feeling completely relaxed and de-stressed after each treatment. I am pleased to say that we tested positive on our pregnancy test and I am now waiting to see if I am carrying twins as we had two embryo’s put back in.

I would highly recommend Rakhee and her reflexology sessions to anyone going through fertility issues because I believe that not only did it help me get through the stresses and strains of the IVF treatment but help us in getting our miracle little positive on the pregnancy test.”

Rakhee provided great support

“I appreciate all of the knowledge and support Rakhee gave me during the sessions I had with her.  I found the sessions very relaxing and she was able to provide nutritional supplements tailored to me.  She was readily available if I needed to speak with her and she gave me a lot of useful advice.  The sessions consisted of mostly reflexology and also some explanation about the functioning and regulation of my own body.   Overall, I was very happy with Rakhee.

Rakhee provided great support during the time of conception and we are excited about the arrival of our forthcoming child”

She was very sympathetic and supportive towards me

“I first found out about Rakhee and her I wouldn’t say company (as it felt like something else something more then a company)  from a family member.

From the first consultation to my last massage session with her Rakhee was fully interested in my story and the struggles I’d had conceiving over the years. She was very sympathetic and supportive towards me and was always ready to listen. I have PCOS and had always been told to lose a bit of weight to help my fertility and it was easier said then done. However, after my initial meet up she instantly devised a plan of my vitamins I’d need to take and the right things to eat. I was ready to be told to stop eating my favourite things and go on a diet but Rakhee helped me understand the importance of eating the right types of foods as appose to foods which may hinder my chances. Along with them and the massage sessions I started to feel a change in my body.

For the firstly time in ages I came on my period within a month which never used to happen and I felt much more happier with my body. Due to the fertility massage I could feel a lot of stress and tension releasing and so in turn felt very relaxed. Rakhee was amazing with the massages and always ready with advice if I ever felt down. Thanks to Rakhees amazing support I am now expecting my first in May 2017 after 7 years of trying and failing. Needless to say me and my husband are over the moon and cannot wait to start the next chapter. This wouldn’t have been possible without Rakhee and Fertility, Bump and Beyond. Thank you”

Every session she motivated me

“I went to Rakhee with a lot of stress and depression.  She guided me eating healthy and nutritional  foods. Every session she motivated me with her words and established self confidence in me.  The massages were just awesome and so relaxing.  With all her supports and guidances I fallen pregnant naturally and ready for a delivery now. Thank you Rakhee.”


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