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I used to sit on the couch and did not move till it was time for bed.

“I went to see Rakhee as I needed to do something about the weight (I have become a size 18-20) I had put on and the way I was feeling. I had no energy and I felt low within myself. Once I got home from work there was no motivation to move at all so I used to sit on the couch and did not move till it was time for bed. I never even did the washing up either as I was just too tired.

My immune system was not good and I was always on some form of antibiotics. I have also had to take 1-2 paracetamol tablets every day for the past few years as I was always waking up with a headache! I was always ill and had been through several operations in a matter of a few years. I had stomach aches which sometimes were so bad I ended up in hospital.

The doctors said I had diverticulitis. I had backache and knee ache too. I had heard about Rakhee from a family member who had been to see her for fertility issues and I saw what wonderful things Rakhee was doing for her. I asked if I could get to see her as I know she deals with fertility issues (which I didn’t want) but wanted someone who could help point me in the right direction health wise.

After an initial consultation Rakhee wrote me a programme to follow. She said that I would need a course of massages for my back and stomach (she called it the Fertility Massage) and I was given a lot of supplements to take and how and when to take them. I was asked to do a food diary and also a guide to good foods to eat. I then did a detox/cleanse and more supplements to take. Gradually I started to change all for the better I might add. It is really unbelievable how much I have changed.

My biggest change has to be that I don’t take paracetamol anymore! I’ve lost over a stone in weight and am now size 10/12!! I feel so different; more motivated with a lot more energy in me. My aches and pains are mostly gone. My skin is so soft and I look so different. The biggest thing for me is how I feel as I no longer just want to sit. I am back at the gym or going for walks when I get home from work. My friends and family have seen the change and have commented on how good I look and how much weight I have lost. My sister in law said last week that I look like I did when I got married 30 years ago!! I have changed my eating habits and I don’t think I will ever go back to how it was. It hasn’t been easy as you do have to work at doing what Rakhee says and be committed to follow through but it has been worth it.

This has been a life change and slowly my husband is coming round to changing with me.

Just want to add a big thank you Rakhee for all you have done in just 3 months!!”


Rakhee taught me how to massage my son

“Rakhee taught me how to massage my son, Jamie. She provided me with one-to-one tuition which was excellent.

Jamie thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I have continued to use the skills I learnt. I would definitely recommend her services.”

Would recommend post-natal massage with Rakhee

“It was my mum that suggested I have regular a massage after having had a c-section, and the first person she thought of was Rakhee who we’ve known for years!

It was definitely something that I benefited from as it not only helped with my physical well-being but also gave me a chance to have a bit of relaxing time whilst getting used to being a new mum.

It really helped that Rakhee was also a mum as she understood the life-changing nature of it all, and also reminded me to take each day as it comes, and the need to look after myself having had a major operation.

I would recommend post-natal massage with Rakhee for any new mum as it will help in many ways.”

We enjoyed learning baby massage

“Rakhee offered her baby massage course to us at home over the weekend which, as the parents of 5-month old twin girls was much appreciated! She took us through the routine at our own pace and was sensitive to our girls’ reactions and needs.

We enjoyed learning baby massage and it is a very nice way to end the day with our babies.”

I’m truly glad that I called Rakhee

“I was truly lucky to have found Rakhee’s number. I had 6 sessions with her and found them extremely relaxing. (I even fell asleep in a couple!)

She is very positive and great at what she does! Rakhee not only helped me after my labour (having had a C-section) but also gave me great advice for my little one, and showing me how to massage my baby too.

It was very convenient also that Rakhee could come to us and she was so patient when my baby was having off days.

I’m truly glad that I called Rakhee and I have recommended her to friends and family and I for one will be continuing to use her services!”


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