Post Natal Treatments

Now that your little baby is here, looking after yourself is truly important. You need to be getting adequate food, rest and sleep to help handle the impact of a whole new person in your life.  Continuing with either post natal massage or reflexology will also give great relief and relaxation from the many post natal complaints new mums have.

Some of the benefits of postnatal treatments are:

  • Relaxation, and giving you an hour of some peace and quiet
  • Helping with postural issues especially if the baby is being breast fed
  • Helping with lower back problems
  • Helping get your body back into shape quickly by toning the abdominal muscles (please note, this is not appropriate if you have had a c-section, until after the 6-week post natal check).
  • Helping reduce the chances of developing post-natal depression and baby blues.
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Reducing sleep problems
  • Re-balancing the body to allow your menstrual cycle to return to normal
  • Increase in milk production

For me, postnatal treatments gave me huge relief from the swelling I had encountered in my legs during pregnancy, and gave my body relief from being tired too.  Having to carry twins (one in each arm) often gave me pelvic pain and shoulder pain and the daily massage relieved me of these pains.

For those who have had a c-section, I would advise you contact your GP before embarking on any massage treatment, to ensure there is no likelihood of post-operative infection.

Why not give your new born a good start in life too?  Find out more about Baby Massage and its benefits, not only for the baby but also for you as their parent.


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