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Being pregnant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be pampered – in fact, I believe it is a huge benefit to both mum and baby that you pamper yourself regularly. Regular treatments throughout your pregnancy is a great way to keep you as mum-to-be in good health, and keep your bump healthy too. A relaxed mum will in no doubt produce a relaxed bump!

And if you’re suffering from any pregnancy related issues, such as morning sickness, nausea, lower back pain, sciatica, or insomnia, then having regular treatments may be of great benefit in reducing the symptoms and reducing the stress they can cause.

You can choose Maternity Reflexology or Pregnancy massage, or even a combination of both throughout your pregnancy.



With your new baby on the scene, you’ll probably find that your life revolves around him or her. Of course you’re tending to their every need – but are you making time to look after yourself too?

We all know that life with a baby will never be the same as it was before they arrived. For new mothers, it can be a stressful time. Dealing with all those sleepless nights, feeding issues, baby blues… And for those already with children, juggling the new baby and giving attention to the older children can be a tough time too.

It takes time for a new mum to get back to normal, so looking after yourself during the postnatal period is very important. Why not consider some Postnatal Treatments to help you recover from the birth and tiredness, and even bond with your baby too?

For the new baby, it’s all a bit surreal too. Until now they have been in the safe and dark environment, the warmth and comfort of your womb. Now out in the big world, they too have to learn to adapt to their new environment. So why not give your baby a good start into life as well by learning some great Baby Massage skills?


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