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Nutrition and Infertility

Ever since my husband and I embarked on our infertility journey and were suggested to see a nutritionist, I have been passionate in learning about nutrition and particularly now nutrition for fertility after the great benefit it gave us.

There is a saying that “Healing starts in the gut” and I am very much in agreement to this.  Any health issue we have often stems from the gut not working effectively.  “But I eat healthily and I have a good digestive system” I hear you say.  That’s all good and well but if your body is not utilising this very well, then unfortunately it’s not going to be of any use.

Keeping Your Liver Clean

The gut’s partner in crime is the Liver, a major organ in our body that has a variety of roles to play but two of the major ones are to aid the digestion and aid hormones to be in balance. If you have a toxic liver, you will have gut issues and the good food you are eating will pass straight through the body.

Good nutrition is very hard to come by especially with the soil being as depleted as it is.  I believe that the soil is now depleted by 80% of all its goodness in the form of vitamins and minerals and general nutrition therefore food grown is not what is used to be or needs to be.


I am a firm believer that with the lifestyle we lead and the poor quality food we eat, we are all under nourished especially after all the bad things we consume/do such as alcohol, processed foods, smoking and not drinking enough water (that’s another story in itself).

This is where I believe we need to supplement our diets with good quality supplements.  I work with two supplements based companies whose products are made with mostly natural ingredients sourced from herbs or plant based produce.

If these two companies do not have the right product for your needs, I will do further research on your behalf and source other good supplements for you.

Nutrition Companies I Work With

The two companies are I work with are Nature Sunshine and Cytoplan with whom all of my clients have found their health has improved on a greater level.

For fertility based supplements, I recommend Dr Marilyn Glenville’s Fertility specific supplements called Fertility plus for Him and Fertility plus for Her.  These can be purchased directly from here (opens a link in Amazon).

25% of the work I carry out consists of nutritional support.  Get the gut working and you will have resolved many of your health concerns.  You owe it to the awaiting incoming soul to be strong yourself to give that beautiful little being the best start in life from the time it is conceived inside of you.


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