Fertility, Bump and Beyond
North London Business Park
Building 3
Comer Business and Innovation Centre
Oakleigh Road South
New Southgate N11 1NP

Directions to North London Business Park and Parking

Tuesday-Thursday between 9.30am and 7pm

If you’re appointment is between the hours of 9.30am and 5pm, then please put in the postcode N11 1GN into your sat nav.  This should bring you to the gates at the bottom of Brunswick Park Road (opposite Benfleet Way). Please DO NOT USE these gates if your appointment finishes after 7pm and you are parking on the side streets because this gate shuts at 7pm. There is plenty of FREE parking on the side streets nearby (Benfleet Way, Goldrill Drive, Howard Close, Brunswick Park Gardens) and all within a 5-7 minute walk away.

There is pay and display on site at a cost of £2 for 1 Hour, £3 for 2 hours, £5 for 5 hours and £8 for the whole day.  The machine only takes coins and you are requested to park in the white marked bays by building 2, outside building 3 or behind the hill.  Please do not park anywhere else otherwise you run the risk of being ticketed.

Walk up to reception of Building 3 which is Comer Business and Innovation Centre and ask the receptionist to give me a call (if before 5pm).

For all appointments after 5pm, please park on site in any of the bays with a white box marked on the ground (There is plenty of parking by building 2, building 3 and behind the hill)

Tuesday-Thursday after 7pm and Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm

If you’re appointment is after 7pm on a Tuesday-Thursday or during my working hours on a Saturday, then please use the post code N11 1NP to come through the main gates on Oakleigh Road North.  You will pass the main security building on your left.  Please turn immediately left after the security and continue to drive round (passing the multi storey car park on your right). You’ll eventually come to what will seem like a dead end but please veer to your right following that path round.  You’ll eventually come out to a car park on your right and building 3 on your right too.  Come to the end of the car park and turn right (so building 3 will still be on your right) and you’ll come to a single bay of car parking spaces.  You can park up anywhere in those bays.  As you are coming out of business hours, the main doors might be shut.  Please give me a call if this is the case but please note I might still be in with a client so be patient.  Often the main door is left open which will allow you to come and wait at reception.

If you get lost for any reason, please do give me a call on 07957 197 277.