Just two months in…..

I’ve been seeing the Fertility Couple who are on my Diamond Package for just over two months now.  They’ve both embraced all the changes really well and have noticed some really positive changes in themselves too.  The male partner has noticed increased energy levels, more focused on work, able to work out better, lost body fat and general just feeling and looking better too.

The female partner has done really well too.  The changes in the diet have certainly helped coupled with the weekly fertility reflexology and abdominal sacral massages, there has been a noticed improvement in the menstrual cycles too.

This month ovulation has been able to be pinpointed correctly along with the right  changes in cervical mucous and temperature charting too.

Attached are her two charts – the first one is a complete cycle of charting where you can see the dotted lines predicting ovulation based on the information given (a dotted line suggests that ovulation possibly occured on that day but cannot be pinpointed due to certain variances (time of temperature taken, the temperature reading itself, mucus changes etc). Ovulation is pinpointed after there is a rise of temperature for 3 consistent days.

Full cycle chart

The female client is now onto her 2nd month of charting and already the chart is looking good

Currernt March Cycle

Everything is pointing to the right conditions – rise in temperature, right sort of mucous and consistancy in taking the temperature too.

This couple is on my Diamond Package (https://www.fbab.co.uk/fertility/diamond-package/).  If you’d like more information about this program then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Or have a read of their journey so far with the online diary I have asked them to keep