Have you got the Lurgies?

I’ve been reading some posts where some of my friends and colleagues have been plagued by various lurgies. So here are some (of my) home remedies that we swear by that really help:

For sore throats: A spoonful of honey with a pinch of tumeric powder mixed and swallowed – do not drink any liquids for 10 mins to allow the tumeric and honey to work. Repeat every 3 hours. Tumeric has fantastic health benefits.

Onion Medicine

The twins love my ‘onion medicine’. I cut up an onion and boil it. Liquidise it whilst it hot and add some tumeric powder, ginger powder, a bit of jaggery/molases (Can add honey if no molases) and mix it all up. You’ll get a mustardy coloured soup like consistancy. Again, take a teaspoon every few hours. This one really helps the nasty coughs.

Forever Living Heat LotionFor colds, we swear by Forever Living Heat Lotion massaged into the soles of the feet. The top part of your feet relates to the chest area and the toes relate to the sinuses, eyes and ears. By massaging it in, you are stimulating the reflexes and getting them to work.  You can get the heat lotion from http://www.rakheeshah.myforever.biz/store/ under Fitness and weight Management item code #064

At night, apply it to your chest and back and cover up. This also helped me get rid of a fever too when conventional medicine did nothing.

You can also use this to do a steam inhalation with this by getting some hot water in a big basin/bowl, adding a bit heat lotion (Use your judgement as to how strong you want it as it could burn/sting the eyes).  But this will really help clear the airways and promote a good nights sleep too.

Heat Lotion and Headaches

Heat lotion is perfect to apply to the temples of the head and the nape of the neck if you are experiencing a headache as well.

Upset Stomachs

For upset stomachs, mix a quarter spoon of bicarbonate of soda into a glass of water and drink.  This will help settle the stomach, stop any spasms happening and alkalise the body.  Again repeat this every couple of hours.

If you have diarrhoea, drinking black coffee will really help and literally stop the diarrhoea in a couple of hours too.  This one has definitely been tried and tested by me quite a few times.

Nature Sunshine Silver ShieldHowever, if you have had a bad tummy bug and are struggling to get over it, 2 brilliant product I can highly recommend to get your gut into working order are

1) Silver Shield – Colloidal Silver deactivates the enzymes responsible for the metabolism and multiplication of bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Probiotic2) Probiotics – these will help put back good bacteria into your gut and make it feel better again too.  Probiotics are a must for good everyday health in particular if you are prone to infections and are constantly on antibiotics. 80% of our immune system resides in our digestive area and just ONE course of antibiotics kills a whole years worth of good bacteria. Always source a good probiotic with several (11+) billion strains of bacteria.

I hope this helps and if you’re reading this and are unwell I wish you to get better soon