First Months Nutritional Testimonial

So my fertility couple have started on their journey to conception.  Having done a month of the dietary changes I recommended based on their food diaries, this is their testimonial after a month.

The Male Parter

Before our first consultation we were asked to produce a food diary of what we had consumed for the previous 5 days and sent it to Rakhee to review. While I thought we led a pretty healthy diet, upon review Rakhee mentioned there were certain foods we should avoid. Milk was seen as a product best avoided, Rakhee explained on why we, humans are the only mammals to still drink milk as humans where it actually has no real benefits and only need it when we are babies. It causes you to feel bloated and why so many people are lactose intolerant. So we were advised to buy coconut milk and Rakhee mentioned certain brands we should look into and maintained the health benefits and good we would feel in as little as a few weeks.

Other foods we were asked to cut down on were white bread, white rice, processed foods, the reasons why but were also advised on what we should be eating such as protein and vegetables. Rakhee thoroughly advised on how we could make little changes in our diet to make it more balanced but even more helpful were the types of foods and meals we could make so these changes didn’t seem so drastic and actually more personable. We were also asked to avoid alcohol, this did seem like a drastic action but we had to remember that we were doing this for a reason and to take Rakhee’s advice. There were also the supplements we were advised to take, them being all natural I didn’t see the harm.

Rakhee also asked us about our exercise habits, certain exercises I should be doing as well as ones to avoid such as cycling.
After a month of making these changes I have to admit I feel so much better. I feel healthier, I’ve lost weight (something I wanted to avoid but have lost body fat rather than muscle), I’m sleeping better, feeling less bloated after meals, have a lot more energy throughout the day but as well as more focus, have more clarity and problem solving a lot quicker  Something i didn’t necessarily think would happen but my thinking is a lot more clearer, and have seen these advantages at work.

We had another review on where we had to send Rakhee a food diary of the previous 5 days where there were types of foods we were asked to further cut down on certain foods which were still part of our diet. At no point did we feel any pressure on having to do this, Rakhee was advising us and always explaining why as this was important to me but all the changes we’ve been asked to make has been of great benefit, there are no side effects but they’re not all that drastic. I’ve read in the past of why we should cut down on alcohol, unsaturated fats, unrefined carbohydrates which essentially we were doing but substituting with more healthy, still tasty meals but we’re not told of how they make you feel better, better thinking but you also look better.

Looking forward to continue working with Rakhee on making lifestyle changes and the many benefits it brings.”

Female Partner Testimonial

During our first consultation with Rakhee, one of the items discussed was our 5 day food diary which we were asked to provide. Like my partner, I also thought we led quite a good diet. After reviewing our food diaries, Rakhee suggested some changes to both of our diets, items we should cut down or avoid, items we should increase as well as taking supplements recommended by Rakhee. Although we had read or heard about why certain foods/drinks are not so good for you to consume it definitely helped having Rakhee reinforce and explain the reasons why certain items are good/bad for you. Most of the changes were quite easy for us to adapt to. I would say the biggest change was the change in the type of milk we drink and cutting down on wheat. We both started to make a few changes to our diet after our first consultation. However, I was to start a 9 day detox as well.

I was a bit apprehensive about the 9 day detox as when first looking through the program and seeing that you cannot eat for the first 2 days it was quite daunting. However, I was willing to give it a go and stick to it as I think I needed a good body cleanse after all the food and drinks consumed during Christmas!

The first 2 days of the detox was difficult with not being able to eat at all. Although, I was fine during the daytime when keeping busy and the supplements and shakes did help. I felt tired and hungry early evenings for those 2 days and I had a minor headache. The remaining 7 days went well and I started to get used to the detox plan. Once I completed the detox, I did feel refreshed in that my skin felt and looked better. I lost a little weight but that was not my aim. I also found that the exercise in the morning helped me to feel more refreshed, awake and alert in the mornings. I increased my water intake from doing the detox and I have tried to keep my water intake up ever since.

After the detox, I started to make more changes to my diet as per the nutritional guidance advised by Rakhee such as, cutting down on wheat, caffeine, replacing cow’s milk with coconut milk, increase snacking between meals, drinking more water, exercise, increase more protein foods as well as going to sleep earlier. Just from these few changes and continuing to take the supplements recommended by Rakhee I noticed that I have more energy throughout the day, I didn’t feel sluggish after lunch and dinner, I fall asleep quicker than I used to, I feel more awake and alert in the mornings. As well as these changes, the reflexology treatment has also helped me to feel more relaxed, calm and helped with sleeping.

After a month of changes in our diet, we were asked to produce another 5 day food diary. Rakhee noticed that we had made the changes as recommended by her and we shared the positive changes we have noticed since making these nutritional and lifestyle changes. Rakhee also recommended some further small changes and explained the benefits to this. Rakhee has given us some great advice and support over the past month not only on nutrition but some lifestyle changes as well and we look forward to making more positive changes and working with Rakhee.