Fertility Couple’s diary of the Diamond Package

My Fertility Couple who will undergo Fertility Reflexology, Fertility Massage and Nutritional changes have agreed to write about their journey working with me. Below is the diary that will be updated week by week by the couple currently have treatment with me undergoing the Diamond Package.  Names have been removed to protect their identity and preserve confidentiality so I will address them as Jack and Jill

W/E   10/1/14:   Jack and Jill

We were looking forward to our initial consultation with Rakhee as any positive change to our lifestyle would always be welcome. We weren’t sure what to expect from the consultation apart from going through our food diary which we had prepared. However, it was a pleasant surprise during the consultation to find out that it was aimed to improve all areas of lifestyle. Rakhee came across friendly, very Insightful and knowledgeable. We learnt a lot about good/bad foods, food to avoid/cut down in our current diet. It was also beneficial that Rakhee went through the health check list as it highlighted areas of improvement. For example, when Jack mentioned the pain and discomfort from playing football, Rakhee was helpful in providing knowledge on how to help resolve this. She explained things very well. After the consultation, we discussed on the way home how pleased we were with the initial consultation and looked forward to starting the program.


W/E   17/1/14:   Jill

Sometimes back ache, bloated. Headache in evening.

15th Jan – Started taking Bee pollen, Maca, Aloe, Fertility supplement from afternoon– felt energetic and bright yellow urine in evening.

16th Jan – 1st reflexology appt, I was unsure what to expect as I have never done this before. Rakhee’s approach was nice and calming. The treatment felt strange at first, and sometimes a little sensitive but mostly relaxing and I felt some tingly feeling through my body. My eyes felt watery after the first foot and then I felt quite emotional after the second foot. Not sure if this is because I was due on my period!

16th Jan – Started my period in afternoon.


W/E   24/1/14:   Jill

19th & 20th Jan – I started the 9 day cleanse program. For the first 2 days I felt a bit tired during the afternoon and early evening but I felt better after the shake for lunch. I was also tired and felt hungry early evening and I had a headache. Noticed frequent urination throughout the day.

Rest of the days this week has been better with slight headache early evening, otherwise fine. I felt refreshed in the mornings after a 20 min exercise. Again, frequent urination throughout the day.

23rd Jan – 2nd reflexology appt. I was looking forward to today’s treatment as I really enjoyed it the first time as it helped me to relax and unwind. Today’s treatment was good but this time I felt tenderness around the inner part of my heal during treatment which Rakhee talked me through. The room was warmer with a lovely atmosphere with dim lights, candles and soothing music. My eyes felt watery again after the treatment and I also felt very relaxed. In the evening I felt tired and also my mind was more relaxed than normal when trying to sleep which made it quicker for me to fall asleep.


W/E   31/1/14:   Jill

On day 8 of my detox, I did experience a loose bowl in the evening. Apart from that the detox went fine and I felt a lot more refreshed from completing it as well as my skin looking better.

30th Jan – 3rd reflexology appt – todays treatment was yet again really nice. This time I didn’t feel as much tenderness around the inner part of my heal, a little on my right foot but hardly much on my left foot. Again, I felt very relaxed after the treatment and had a good sleep.

2nd Feb – I felt tired and sleepy during the day but this may have been due to eating late the night before and sleeping late. I also felt lower back ache.

I’ve also noticed that my temperature recordings for the last few weeks have been a lot lower than my previous recording where my temperature would reach 36.6-36.8 and now between 36.2-36.4


W/E   7/2/14:   Jill

W/E 7th Feb

6th Feb – 4th reflexology appt – again the treatment went well and this time just a little tenderness on the inner heal of my right foot. I felt very tired when going to sleep, arms and legs felt heavy. My body felt very hot during the night.


W/E   14/2/14:   Jill

W/e 14th Feb Chart

This week I have been unwell with a cold, body ache and head cold with a loss of appetite and tiredness. I felt lower back ache on Friday 14th and Saturday as well as tiredness.

13th Feb – 5th reflexology appt – the treatment went well and I felt relaxed during and afterwards and this time I didn’t feel any tenderness on my feet as I have felt previous times.

I noticed I haven’t felt as much pre-period pains as I have done in the past which is usually the week before my period starts such as, bloated, abdominal/dull aches and back aches. I did feel a little lower back ache over the weekend but not as much as usual.

Full January to February Cycle Charting

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W/E   21/2/14: Jill

Temperature Monitoring Feb Cycle

I started my period 14 days after ovulation in early hours of the morning. I was in a lot of pain and found it very difficult to fall back asleep due to the sharp pains. I don’t usually get this sort of pain when starting my period so this was quite unusual. I didn’t sleep well that night and felt very tired and bloated the next day along with lower back ache.

20th Feb – 6th reflexology appt with tummy massage. I was unsure what to expect with the tummy massage as this was my first time getting this treatment but I was intrigued to find out more. Rakhee kindly explained what this treatment would involve and the benefits to this massage. She also advised that if I felt uncomfortable at any point to let her know. The tummy massage felt strange at first but soon became relaxing and calming. This was followed my reflexology treatment which this time I think I may have nodded off now and then as it was very soothing. I did feel some tenderness in my inner and outer heal this week which may be due to being on my period. The next day I did clear my bowels which Rakhee mentioned could happen after the tummy massage.


W/E   28/2/14: Jill

Beginning of March Cycle

27th February – 7th reflexology appt with tummy massage. This week my tummy massage was focused more around the pelvic area which was fine and sometimes I felt like I needed to go to the toilet due to pressure in that area. During the tummy massage, when pressure was applied under my lower chest area there was a part of that area which felt painful when pressed. Rakhee explained that this is known as the solar plexus and the point in pain may relate to some maternal issue. At that point I welled up as there had recently been an incident with my mum that was worrying me. I mentioned this to Rakhee straight away and at that point there was an amazing emotional connection from her carrying out the tummy massage which made both of us  feel emotional and helped me to release emotions that were held inside me. I’m not usually one to cry very easily as I tend to keep things held inside but after this session I felt quite sensitive, a lot calmer and comforted. Later in the evening my tummy and pelvic area did feel quite sensitive.


W/E   07/3/14: Jill

Fertility charting Cycle March

6th March – 8th reflexology appt with tummy massage. This week my tummy massage was less intense and I felt it helped with my digestion. Some points were still a little sensitive but not as much as last week. The reflexology this week was good with some tender points in the inner heal of both feet. During the week and especially after the appointment, I have experienced frequent bowel movement which may be a combination of the tummy massage and the daily intake of fennel and peppermint tea to help with my digestion.


W/E   14/3/14: Jill

13th March – 9th reflexology appt with tummy massage. This week my tummy massage was good with sensitive points all around the centre of my tummy. The reflexology was fine this week with no tender sensations during the session. Again, my bowl movement has become regular over the past few weeks and I feel a lot more energetic than previously with the changes in diet and treatment.

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W/E   21/3/14:

Fertility Charting Cycle

18th March – 10th reflexology appt with tummy massage. This week I didn’t feel any sensitivity during my tummy massage and reflexology treatment. Both were relaxing and calming. As this appointment was in the evening I did feel a lot more tired and sleepy after as it was so relaxing and helped me to have good nights sleep. This week I have experienced a little lower back pain and on Thursday night I felt some mild pain around my pelvic area.


W/E   28/3/14:

Fertility Charting Full Feb-Mar Cycle

27th March – 11th reflexology appt with tummy and back massage.

This week I did experience lower back pain possibly due to my work as well as pre-period pains. Again this month I didn’t feel that much pre-period pains such as cramps or feel bloated as I used to before starting this treatment and from the changes in my nutrition. During my period I had the usual symptoms of stomach pain, cramps, lower back ache, feeling bloated. I did feel sad and upset that I came on my period. I do try to be positive as I can each month but its so difficult and frustrating after trying for so long to conceive and failing each month.  The biggest change I have noticed in this cycle is that the blood is clearer and bright red and not the dark and thick with clots that I was experiencing before the program started.

My treatment this week included a lower back massage as well which helped greatly relieve some lower back pain. I was very bloated this week so my tummy massage was less comfortable and so less pressure was applied. My reflexology treatment was soothing and relaxing. I did feel very tired this week after my treatment and I was advised by Rakhee to rest and sleep if I need to which I did and it made me feel a lot better that day.


W/E   04/4/14:Jill and Jack

Fertility Charting April Cycle

3rd April – 12th reflexology appt with tummy and back massage.

This week my tummy was still a little bloated again. I did experience some stiff and sensitive points during my tummy massage but this has eased after my treatment.  My lower back felt tender after my treatment this week and no longer aches. I did feel relaxed and rested after my treatment.

This cycle I have noticed an increase in mucus earlier in my cycle which I haven’t had in the past as usually I get this just before ovulation. I think my change in diet along with the weekly treatments has helped a lot.

From Jack – “This was my first Reflexology session with Rakhee, it had been quite a stressful week at work so was looking forward to the calm effect Reflexology was meant to bring which my wife had mentioned.

The session started with a catchup on how I was doing, and any changes I had felt. I was advised that I should lie comfortable and relax. During the treatment I felt entirely relaxed and even fell into a deep sleep for a few minutes. Once finished I felt tired and thirsty but good, like you feel after an afternoon nap. My arms felt heavy with a weird tingling sensation but it didnt last. Ive had a pain at the back of my leg for a few months which Rakhee had felt during the session which I thought was pretty amazing. The part of my foot which was connected to that part of my body was near my heel, Rakhee showed how I could help heal the pain by massaging the area myself.

When I got home I had some tea, and fell asleep. I must have slept for about 7 hours but felt like I had slept for longer. I usually tend to have broken sleep but woke up feeling refreshed and alert. Looking forward to my next session”


W/E   13/4/14:

Fertility Charting Cycle

7th April – 13th reflexology appt with tummy and back massage.

This week my treatment was in the evening. I was a little tired but after my treatment I felt very relaxed and ready to sleep. I slept really well that night. Again, I’ve noticed an increase in mucus this cycle and also my lower back has felt less achy than normal.

Fertility Charting Cycle

12th April – 14th reflexology appt with tummy and back massage.

This treatment was held at my home this time. It was very relaxing and I did feel tired and rested during the day. Again, I’ve noticed an increase in mucus this cycle and also my lower back has felt less achy than normal.


W/E   18/4/14:

Fertility Charting Cycle

15th April – 15th reflexology appt with tummy and back massage.

This week my treatment was in the evening also and again I felt very relaxed and ready to sleep. I felt a little dehydrated during the treatment but very relaxed. I have noticed since having the back massages that my lower back doesn’t ache as much as it used to do.


Jack and Jill’s treatment ended on 15th April – below is her final chart and as you can see there is a noticeable improvement in the amount of mucus that has been produced which is a good thing and ovulation completely pinpointed as well

Fertility Charting Full Mar-Apr Cycle