February 3

New Fertility Clients

I’m so excited that I have a new couple working with me on my fantastic Diamond Package.  They are a young couple in their 30’s who have unfortunately not been successful in their journey to conception after a failed IVF treatment and fall into the ‘UNKNOWN’ category.

February 3

Fertility Couple’s diary of the Diamond Package

My Fertility Couple who will undergo Fertility Reflexology, Fertility Massage and Nutritional changes have agreed to write about their journey working with me. Below is the diary that will be updated week by week by the couple currently have treatment with me undergoing the Diamond Package.  Names have been removed to protect their identity and […]

February 5

‘Diet or Light’ versus Full Fat – which do you go for?

Post by Fertility, Bump and Beyond.

March 3

First Months Nutritional Testimonial

So my fertility couple have started on their journey to conception.  Having done a month of the dietary changes I recommended based on their food diaries, this is their testimonial after a month. The Male Parter Before our first consultation we were asked to produce a food diary of what we had consumed for the […]

April 29

Just two months in…..

I’ve been seeing the Fertility Couple who are on my Diamond Package for just over two months now.  They’ve both embraced all the changes really well and have noticed some really positive changes in themselves too.  The male partner has noticed increased energy levels, more focused on work, able to work out better, lost body […]

May 9

Fertility Massage

I have enrolled myself on Clare Blake’s Fertility Massage course ( to add value to the services I offer. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have time to read over the course notes but oh my god it was amazing. Its a two part course where part 1 focused on the abdominal massage […]

February 13

Have you got the Lurgies?

I’ve been reading some posts where some of my friends and colleagues have been plagued by various lurgies. So here are some (of my) home remedies that we swear by that really help: For sore throats: A spoonful of honey with a pinch of tumeric powder mixed and swallowed – do not drink any liquids […]

November 4

Fertility Testing

Of late, we have been seeing lots of female clients who haven’t been able to get full hormonal testing for their fertility. These are the basic tests that one should try and get done – some of them are very cycle specific which is a pain as it can mean a few cycles go by […]