Are you Fit for Fertility?

Are you fit for fertility?

If you were to go and run the London Marathon, would you just get up tomorrow and run it?

NO, you wouldn’t would you?  Having done the London marathon myself 6 years ago, the training process for that was super hard and long but I had to ensure that I prepared for it mentally, physically and emotionally.

I had to ensure I was doing all of the following:

  • practise runs,
  • eating right for it,
  • sleeping enough to give my body the rest,
  • hydrating well with enough water,
  • getting regular sports massages throughout my training to keep my muscles supple and moving and hitting the various targets that each stage entailed.

I was also super lucky that I had the support of my best friend @anne with whom I did my training together and did a lot of the practise runs with.  If I didn’t do all of this preparation  beforehand, I would have struggled to do the full marathon.  I even hit a brick wall on mile 22 and didn’t think I’d finish the last 4 miles.  It was my brother who helped me finish so I am grateful to him.

Why am I telling you all this?

When couples start trying for a baby, they often (generally most of the time) go straight into it without thinking about any egg or sperm preparation at all.  Some are very lucky that the first month of trying gets them pregnant.  Many are not so lucky.

If you have been on the contraceptive pill, you as a female are very likely to be depleted in vital fertility nutrition like zinc, B vitamins (inc B6 and Folic Acid (or folate)), Magnesium and Vitamin C which are all needed for hormonal balancing and egg health.

If you are lacking in exercise, then look into getting fit before conception to help you have a happy healthy pregnancy. But no training for a London marathon if you haven’t been doing any running to date.

If you’re addicted to junk food (chocolate and crisps) before a period, look to support your liver as this is important for a healthy conception.

If you are suffering with cold hands and feet, get your iron levels and thyroid levels checked as being low in these will absolutely impact on implantation and staying pregnant. Cold hands and feet is a sign of a cold uterus – the oven definitely won’t be cooking that baby.

If you don’t sleep well, look into ways to improve your sleep – your body, liver, kidney, digestive system and hormones will thank you for it.

Enjoy the sex and keep it passionate and not a baby making chore.

Put yourselves on the right vitamins and minerals (contact me via the website if you are not sure and I will send you a generic but effective list)

Cut down/out on alcohol and smoking so you don’t risk the chances of a miscarriage or pre-term labour.

Men also need to do their part into this to ensure their sperm is healthy too as many early miscarriages can be as a result of a poor sperm fertilising the egg.

Look into ways to destress and relax – complementary therapies such as fertility reflexology as amazing for this.

So are you fit for fertility or do you need to get some training in so that you will be fit in 3 months time?

If you are struggling and don’t know where you need help with, book in for a free 15 min call 

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